Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busy day coming to an end

         Well i stayed up until 8 this morning got practicly all the laundry done, slept for about 5 hours, went to get medical records, then had counseling at 5. It went pretty well we discussed my bills issue and how the loans keep harassing me and said i should come up with a budget and sounds great and all but i've been kinda working on it and it just looks so hard to pull large amounts out of my ass to pay them.I'm going to keep working on it and i'll figure something out i normally do. He said that i've gotten to a better place than what i was when i first started going and its been what i think 3 months or so. But its great that i'm at a better place in my life than what i was. Some issues i wanted to talk about i just could bring them up which the way i see it is it wasnt' meant to  talk about. Well tonite i've checked my emails, i'm working on my farm and blogging. Thats pretty much on my agenda tonight.

       Tomorrow i'll be hanging out with a new friend we'll see how things go on that. I met him thru my ex so who knows it could be a really good friendship. I think i'm going to start a dream dairy and at the end of every week look back and interpet them to see what may come of it. There was so much i wanted to vent and express but rite now it feels like its not meant to be expressed. I'm trying more and more to rely on my heart and follow it than to use my head and get in trouble by it. Well i think i'm going to close with that and i'll be back on tomorrow to blog again. "Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again"

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