Monday, August 16, 2010

Early manic monday

Well once again i'm up way late doing the usual, Farming, vamps, yoville, emails, surveys, and blogging, Today was pretty good i was up until like 5 am then got up around 12 or 1 it wasnt' my choice to get up but oh well. I watched some movies by myself and txted some friends. Then went to the gas station to get cigs came back and friend and the kids were home. Watched some more movies and then she went out to visit the nieghbors and when she came back she said i needed to go over there to see about a phone that could be mine. Well i went over there they were naming some contacts in it and names sounded familar and guess what i looked at it to double check and sure enough it was mine. My old phone my ex had that i lost back in january of this year when i was with him i got really trashy drunk and lost it. I'm pretty sure he's stalking me for the simple fact that the phone he claims was with his ex in columbia and it was lost well i knew it was a lie but i searched all of his stuff and couldnt' find it. He knows where i'm staying or at least visiting. But supposively he's in springfield and has a guy there yet he told another friend that classes hasn't started for school. My heart tells me he has no intentions of school and is with this guy to use him like he does with everyone. So based on that he can't be in two places at once and the phone i checked it hasn't been used all of my settings are the same and it has a full battery. How could it end up here randomly in the neighbors hand who the next door neighbor found in the street on our block? It doesn't make since I strongly believe he's stalking me either to ruin my life or he really cares and wants to be with me but i'm strongly feeling the later part of that thought as well as my friend. The nieghbors are going to keep an eye out for anything suspicous. He ruined my car which my friend is greatly distraut about and saddened about. He stole alot from me and in return i've stolen stuff from him and his ex. An eye for an eye as i see it. It really pissed me off that he could be stalking me. There is no other explination for it showing up except fate was meant for me to have it which is possible. I had a love spell in that phone and in my previous phone but i couldn't get it before someone else got the phone. So is fate giving me a sign about the spell that i should use it but it doens't make sense either cause i'm not ready for a relationship. Anyways thats what has happened i'm going to finish yovill and then go to bed.

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