Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday into Wednesday

Well lets see i missed blogging last night i was to tired and not much going on same ol' same ol'. I did get to bed early and i woke up around 12ish so that was nice but i didn't want to get up like usual. I did my normal thing smoke a cig drink a coke and then i got online and did some farming then i went straight to cleaning. I also got i wonderful txt message this morning and thursday i'm going to go meet a guy different guy than before so hopefully something wonderful becomes of it. I got alot of the dishes done before 6 and tomorrow i get to put away and finish cleaning more up. I had the trash all gathered before 5 also which was wonderful normally its like at the last minute it goes out before i go to bed so tonight was really relaxing. The house is getting sick with something daughter isn't feeling well and either is my friend of course she has other things going on as well but off and on thru out this last week i've been feeling weak as well so i'm not sure. On the to do list today besides cleaning is paying bills and therapy and getting things ready for friday with job corp. I'm excited and nervous about it. Tonight i'll probably get to go to bed early to YAY. Farming is about done and so is the vamps then i'm headed to bed cause i'm already blogging while doing the rest so everything is good. I have had a really bad feeling about today something is in the air and i know it has to do with my ex my sixth sense has been going off wildly i wish i knew what he was up to cause it bothers me. Well i dont' know what else to say its funny how i can have a million things on my mind before i write and then when i do i'm blank. oh well well night and good morning to some

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