Friday, August 20, 2010

The Weekend once again

Wow its already the weekend it seems like it shows up really fast lately. Well i never did see that guy he acted like he wanted to meet and then he quit texting me oh well if it was meant to happen it would have. I got alot done today i had 4 hours of a nap after being up all nite farming and what not. Got most of the dishes done and some laundry and tomorrow i'll be babysitting the kids and then have my meeting with job corp. The other guy messaged me today but hasn't talked about meeting we talked about some of his church people. Its funny to me how i can know things about other people and yet no one really knows me. Of course i really don't know myself either the loan places have picked up again on calling david but i will take care of it for him if they call and i'm a wake. I've had tons of energy and don't know where its coming from but i think i will sleep i need as much energy as i can get even tho i'm pumped full of it. *Sigh* life is boring and here lately i haven't had any dreams that are worth remembering. I have casted a prosperity spell so hopefully things turn up better for us. I'm been listening to my mp3 player non stop pretty much for a few days and i think it has helped with my mood cause its all been happy songs and if i hear a depressing song i feel myself slippign in to it and i change it even tho i like the song i just can't handle it. Well good nite i think i'm done for tonight. "Seasons of Love"

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