Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well its been awhile since i blogged alot and a little has happened same thing everyday get up clean house, cook, look for a job, farm, vamps, ect. Well with in the past week or two i've gotten replies back from my craigslist add and met two guys in person and chatted with one thru txt. My friend i'm with calls me slut, homewrecker, and such cause the two guys i've met both have partners. The first guy i met him and his partner they took me out to eat and just talked it was pretty good. The second guy we met he picked me up we were going to find a secluded place but ended up at his place and O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still sore and bruised it was a wonderful experience. Counseling is still going its going pretty good to. We talked about this experience of just meeting guys and just have a sexual relationship with them instead of anything else. He said to just go with my feelings that some try what i'm doing and don't like the feeling they get and others do it and like the feeling. I like how i don't have the commitment of a relationship. Scorpios rule the sex organs and are very sexual creatures of the zodiac and i think i'm understand how my ex felt granted cheating was wrong but the feel of being able to be with other guys. I have an interview next wed and i have to go to the career center for a typing test i hope i do well with it cause i really need a job. I'm farming for two tonight my friend went to bed and said at eleven i can harvest her crops well i asked for her password so i can do my farm and come back to hers she said no so until hers is ready and damn it its not so i'm up until her farm is harvested and then i'll harvest mine and then go to bed so i figured that in the meantime i should really blog cause i haven't done that in awhile. I'm listening to my music so it helps past time emails are done so all thats left is my farming. God i'm really addicted to it and to facebook in general i'm constantly checking my page and updating my status with pretty much nonsense and such. Yay i noticed that my sentences are run on and the period isn't rite and such but i don't care. I hope that i can hang out with the couple this weekend i think i'll ask tomorrow cause i'm bored. So my councelor said i have a very active social life which is better than not having one. My ex hasn't been on fb in awhile or at least his status isn't updated yes i've gone back to looking at it now and then. Oh and my grandma has a page now and added me as a friend omg i can't believe it she'll probably be checking it to see what i say she's so nosey. Well i think i'm done blogging until next time. Nite