Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of spring....

Well today is the first day of spring and its absolutely wonderful outside its been nice weather for most of this last week. I got a lot accomplished today finished cleaning my room organized from my bedside table closet on top of my closet and my shelves and locker and the rest of my room organized along with making my bed putting away cloths. Other than that i haven't done much got the dishes loaded cleaned the bathroom and sprayed the boarders room down with disinfectant spray she's been sick for almost a week now. I watched megamind today and it was pretty good. Yesterday i did my laundry and cleaned most of my room then took our boarder to the er cause she's been sick for almost a week and has been throwing up and sounding like an animal with the dry heaves the finally kept her since she keeps coming back for the same thing. she just txted me wanting me to take her charger but i don't have the car so i txted a friend and haven't gotten a reply back yet. So i signed up with about 18 different survey sites and so most of my time is taken up doing surveys. I'm pretty excited about it at least its some type of money i'm making. I had breakfast/lunch with my grandma yesterday had a pretty good time with her came home and made a pot of coffee. i say breakfast/lunch cause i woke up a little after 11am having to go to the bathroom and seen she messaged me on facebook so it was my breakfast but i ate lunch since the time was around lunch. I was sitting outside earlier tonight enjoying the weather and my mind went back to october of last year and then october of the year before that and march of last year and the year before that. I don't know why i get these flashbacks the way i do and normally what triggers these flashbacks is weather, scents, or whatever my senses feel. Then i absentmindedly compare where i'm at in my life and see whats the differences. Well i've drawn a blank of what else to write of whats been going on or what i'm feeling so i'm going to go do my surveys now and hopefully farm.

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