Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday not Saturday

Well I was up until oh about 7am this morning after watching paranormal activity and doing surveys and what not. Got up around 11:30am took my meds and then ate lunch after an hour since i have to take one of my meds on an empty stomach. Last nite i took care of some paper work for disability and mom filled out the third party paper work. Got everything ready for the mail to pick it all up and it can be sent off. Feeling really tired lately and it could be the moon cause we are going in to a new moon and when we were getting in to the full moon i had lots of energy. It could also be the weather its been gray and cold and wet. It could be alot of things that are making me tired. But i'm up now and will probably go to bed sometime tomorrow. I have some things i want to get taken care of like working on my BOS and typing up my recipes and saving them. My ex called twice today but my phone was dead so when i turned it on i had two voice mails and it was him wanting to talk so i called him and he was going on about how he was charged for molestation for three years ago and other shit and wanted me to go to wal mart to drive his car to the house and stuff and told him i didnt have the care and all and the whole time he's talking i'm thinking HA HA HA HA Karma is a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything i've dealt with or been accused of and shit he's having to go thru with of course i still can't trust wether or not he is telling the truth but eh IDC really i kinda do but yet i don't  mentally i don't but my heart does. I got kind a busy schedule this next week i got counseling like usual and then i have a dr app to follow up on the bipolar. Then in three months i have an app to follow up on my thyroid. Well i'm going to go make some money with surveys work on my play list and take care of what i would like to do.

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