Thursday, March 10, 2011

In All A Good Day :)

Well i slept pretty much all thru the night got up in time for my dr appointment. I had breakfast with mom and dad it was kinda a downer when i seen it was grey out i thought they said it was going to be sunny and it wasn't this morning :(. I saw the dr and he gave me a sample of a different med and said that i go back in a week said that it sounds like i was miss diagnosed which is a downer i was being treated for depression and he said it sounds like i have bipolar depression. I took my new meds as soon as i got them and i took a nap after i took dad to work and went to wal mart to get some rub for my knee. I then got dad from work and had supper it was pretty good it was a pizza night. Now i'm online farming checking emails doing surveys and what not listening to pandora radio. Not really feeling much just tired which i guess its a good thing since its 8:15.

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