Thursday, March 31, 2011

MIA for 3 days.... :(

Well i've been MIA for three days i've been pretty much sleeping most of my days away and when i'm up i have alot on my mind or to me its alot. i've been sleeping so much ive been pretty much depressed. I need to make a list of things i want to talk to the dr about tomorrow when i see him. I didn't have counseling today cause he was sick so i got food from one food bank and took dad to work and been cleaning my computer up so it runs faster. I bought a chair for my room so i'm not always sitting in bed. I've been kinda hurt and depressed cause i'm beginning to realize that not much is going on in my life and i don't talk to that many people anymore people i called friends don't txt to see how i am or what i'm up to they only txt me when ever i txt them first. Or like my ex he needs something either for me to use the car or for something and its hurting me. It hurts me cause i feel used and unwanted.... :( I've been doing pretty good with surveys. I still have to weed thru them cause my inbox is now having spam and i don't like it. Well i'm going to go start working and what not.

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