Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday not tuesday...

Well yesterday was monday and all day it felt like tuesday :( I hate when days feel like its not the day it is cause if your expecting something then it makes you believe that it will be here sooner and it doesn't happen. Its not like i'm really expecting anything great to happen but eh idk days are all mixed together. Monday i went to bed around 6am and got up about 15 minutes till 1 which i wasn't happy at all i had shit to do at 1 and i know i shouldn't have done it but i sped to my appointment and got that taken care with no cig or food and so when i got out i smoked a cig and called my lawyer and then went to get food and happy hour. I came home i was so tired after only sleeping 6 hours and went back to bed for another two hours and now i feel fine but i'm going to be up for awhile. I know that when i took my nap i had a dream but i can't really remember my dream but i know the dream was good cause i woke myself up J/O. Today was warmer than what its been in awhile up in the 70's i room has felt really warm but i'm glad i have a fan or i'd be miserable. Me and my sis went to the dreaded place to go shopping for chips before we went to get our sandwiches at subway for supper i can't believe how much i spent but yet i can for one we went shopping on an empty stomach and mom didn't seem happy at all but eh she'll deal. I have surveys todo and farming to get done i want to start working on my BOS and work more on my playlist but eh it will get done sooner or later no big rush.

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