Friday, March 4, 2011

Rainy Friday

The weekend is finally here and its sad its raining out. I still can't sleep and when i do i don't want to get up and on top of that i've been having strange dreams and not really sure why. I found out today that the dr i was going to go see i can't cause i owe another dr in the same building money and i can't pay them. So not really sure what will happen or if i'll get help. I went and took care of my unemployment in order to get my money this next month. i know that if i can't sleep i'll just drink energy drinks and stay up. I've already checked my emails and took care of one of my farms and did some surveys so know all i have to do is my other farm and then i really don't have much to do. My ex called me and instead of asking me questions it was all talk of nonsense stuff and all. I really don't know how i feel about him like yes i do love him and always will part of me wants to see about getting back together but part of me doesn't. But i do know i don't want to rush anything. I still don't know what i want to go to school for. Well i think i'm going to go and see what everyone else is doing and step out for a smoke.

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