Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday...Now wednesday

Well Tuesday felt a like wednesday since i went down stairs and mom wasn't home. I was up all last nite and when i did sleep only got a few hours in and then had supper with family. it was really good had chili which will probably back fire on me sometime tonight but it was really good. i spent two hours that morning talking with mom and it was really nice to spend sometime with her. My ex called me about an hour ago needing my memory of where he has lived with in the past three years. I know better than he knows himself according to him...but who knows. Sitting here listening to Pandora radio and the song is boogie wonderland by EWF awesome group really good song. It makes me want to dance...I think i'm doing pretty well i think i've forgotten to take me meds here lately but really noticing much of a difference. I might be slightly moody but there are three women in the house and pms is contagious i'm pretty easy to feel others moods and then i express them.  Well i'm headed to do my thang online.

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