Friday, March 25, 2011

Ugh Snow...

Well i just got done smoking and checked some emails and its snowing Ugh i'm tired of snow and cold weather. Not much going on wednesday i had counseling and got my lab results back and i have to take calcium and vitamin d and a thyroid regimen. I went to bed early wednesday nite and slept all thru the nite and then got up thursday around almost noon and then went back to bed around 3 and got up around 5 and been up ever since. Hung out with some friends and my sis rented paranormal activity two and watched it by myself and that was scary afterwards my mind is playing tricks on me and its scary so i decided i'll stay in my room until its a little lighter out. I haven't made any money doing surveys since wednesday morning. So i'm going to go and start doing surveys and stuff.

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