Friday, March 18, 2011

Wednesday and thursday...

So wednesday i had counseling and we went over a couple of poems and a song i wrote and it went pretty well. I can't really remember much of wedensday here lately i can't really remember much. Then thursday of what i remember i had my dr. appointment and i told him my concerns for my meds and he said that being hungry all the time is a rock and a hard place that it comes with the meds if it works then deal with it said he doens't see me being on my meds for to long anyways. i told him i was worried about diabetes he said don't worry about it that he's not concerned about it i told him that i sleep 12 plus hours when i sleep and he said that it could be thyroid so i got my blood taken to do some tests. I told him that my knee has been stiff and said that its my weight and when i told him i was applying for disability he pretty much laughed after he asked why and i told him cause of the depression and bipolar and that i'm eligable anyways he said good luck that he doesn't see me getting it. I don't get to really talk to him about what my other diagnosis is what other health problems i've had. It kinda bothers me that i only get to tell him parts. Oh and wednesday night i spent all nite on the phone with my ex to keep him awake while he was driving and then he never did respond to my txt messages later on thursday but oh well i kinda dont care but yet i hate being ignored. I came home after my drs appointment and slept for a few hours then had supper with the fam and then went to wal mart and had a pretty good time. Then i took a walk with my sister before i got to involved online. I signed up with more survey sites and i got a dollar in pay pal just for one survey so i'm pretty excited. I figured that if i'm not working then i could make money online yea it kinda takes some time and doesn't pay much but here is the kicker if i have tons of surveys i could make some money to keep me satisfied until i see whats happening with disability. Later today since its now friday that i'm writing this i'm going to see a friend of mine she had her baby and see whats surprised me is i didn't really know she was prego i've heard it talked about but didn't really know so at least i get to socialize. Its been awhile since i've done that really my social life since moving back in with mom and dad has died down i don't really txt my friend likes i did when i lived with that no good using woman that i called friend and co worker. it still kind ticks me off that i was played like a fool but of course i can only blame myself. I finally got all my cds on my computer so now i can go thru see which ones i want on my mp3 player and on my computer and delete the ones i can't stand. well i'm going to go do more surveys.

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