Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Night

Well i didn't want to get up this morning but the urge to pee was overwhelming so i finally got up around 2 i think and then i got something to eat and i just got done with my seminar and kind a tired so not really much going on here. I have a busy day for the most part tomorrow so going to finish here and then go to bed.


WOW so i've been MIA for well now a week and a day. What have I been up to? Well lets see I started school on the 20th and been studying and still trying to figure out my classes, been doing surveys, and checking the facebook world of news. I'm really enjoying my classes I'm studying to become a paralegal. There is A LOT of information in this  one class then the other class i'm taking is pretty much on how to be a good student and a successful student at that. Surveys are coming along pretty well i'm still trying to juggle it and school but i've gotten some of my sisters books i have three i think but soon to have four. Other than that not much going on. Oh i'm not seeing my counselor he went out of town where he lives so i'm unable to see him and at times i wish i could see someone or had a friend that i could talk to about everything that is bugging me or whats happening in my life. I'm still trying to get the boarder to leave but haven't been successful of it yet. She's really pissing me off. The bathroom is a mess, she's taken Ramen noodles and not using the sauce packet which i see is a complete waste why doesn't she just take and boil macaroni instead we have plenty of it. But NNNNOOOOO she's to stupid to figure that out or even fucking ask. I'm pretty much not talking to her I fucking ignore her and when she's around her sister and another friend here at our house i say mean stuff they may think is a joke but deep down i mean every fucking word of it. I'm glad i have my room cause i spend most of my time in my room. In my room i don't have to worry about stuff. I do wish my room was bigger though that way i could fit a dresser and i wouldn't feel so cramped in here but yet my room is cozy. Well thats pretty much whats on my mind. Hopefully i can blog everyday.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Well i've been MIA haven't really felt like blogging or been busy with other things. I'm now enrolled in school for Paralegal studies. I'm pretty excited and nervous. I'm nervous in a way that i'm afraid i'll fail. Not a whole lot going on doing pretty good with surveys and keeping up with my farm. I'm going to go farm now since i at least popped in and said hi and updated some.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hump day

Well things are going pretty good i've only had about an hour of sleep and it wasn't very pleasant. I kept having spasms which were painful and intense. I had coffee with my grandma at 4 this morning and i'm getting everything set up to start school. I have a dr appointment tomorrow. I'm not seeing my counselor anymore  cause he is moving his office out of town and mom says i really need to see a counselor but at the same time we don't really have the money for me to see one. I think our boarder is getting sick of us we keep getting on to her about stuff. She got in to my refrigerator and not only put her candy in it but took a mousse temptation that i had in there. Her whole attitude is that she doesn't care and that its no big deal but it is. Then i got on to her about cleaning the bathroom she's been using her cloths and our good towels to wipe her ass and its just down right disgusting. I told her that if i clean it that anything and everything on the floor will be thrown away. She cleaned it but next time I'll do it and she won't like it. Not a whole lot going on right now I got through all but two of my surveys and worked someone on all of my farms but i still have more surveys to do and going to finish up farming. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

4 Days MIA

Not much has been going on really just the usual. Been feeling eh ok i just have no energy no motivation. I just had to kill a wasp the first one of the season to get in my room i think its time for air conditioning and shut the house up. Its been almost 90 degrees today sitting here with the fan on high and on me full blast and still feeling hot. I have surveys to do and i haven't really taken care of my farm for awhile. I'm not getting unemployment anymore but i still have to report each week i just think its absolutely stupid to do. last night i was feeling worthless like i have no purpose to wake up in the morning no purpose to live as well but yet i wasn't really thinking suicide either just thinking why should i live i have no job i have no purpose. I have counseling on wednesday i need to tell him about it. I finally own camp which is a really good movie. I won't have my phone in 7 days. I can't afford it and i don't want it to be a burden to dad and mom. I don't really use my phone anyways. I don't really talk to anyone and i'm realizing its cause i really don't have anything to say. Well i'm going to go do what i need to do.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wendsday what a day...

I've only had 3 hours of sleep went and worked at my grandmas doing yard work and went shopping. Haven't really done a whole lot but it feels like i've done alot i had cousneling and it was pretty good. I'm still trying to decide what courses i should take and i was told by mom that i should look in to paralegal which doesn't sound to bad. not really a lot  on my mind right now so i'm going to go do surveys and what not.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well Monday i had a good day i didn't get any sleep sunday night or monday morning and i had breakfast with my grandma. Then i went to como with some friends and spent the whole day there most of the day from noon until 7 and i crashed on the way home and fell asleep as soon as i laid down in bed and got up around 2 and had to pee then went back to bed got up around 10 and had to pee again then went back to bed and finally decided to get up around 2 and then i watch a movie and seen that my sister came home early. I'm pretty happy about that :) i'm kinda pissed off right now cause i'm wanting to get an external hard drive for my computer one to hopefully speed it up and two i have alot of music that i listen to and want and my mom pretty much told me that i can't spend my money on what i want its like she has control over what i can and can't do. She said i need it to save it in order to pay for the things i need and so i'm pretty pissed off. Well my sister is here so i'm going to chat with her and do my surveys.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday the end of the weekend

Well again for the most part i slept all day good news is no wetting this time. I felt sick after taking my meds this morning and i get tired after my morning dose so i don't know whats going on. Me and mom are kinda upset about sis going to prom i'm happy for her but i don't agree with some of the things she's doing but at the same time i'm being hypocritical to so i just have to hold my tongue. Its been really warm today and cooling off tonight i think we are getting a thunderstorm so i have my window open to enjoy the sounds. I think i'm going to just stay up and drink energy drinks. Its been really quiet i think its only cause sis isn't here. Ooooo its raining now yay

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well i got up about 11am and i think i need to talk to the dr or something cause i really don't want to admit it and i thought it would just stop and go away. It happens about once or twice a week.....I've been having problems with wetting the bed i'm not sure if its cause i'm to cold or what but its upsetting me. i did my weekly cleaning and i think i'm going to start keeping the bathroom upstairs cleaned to i'm sick and tired of feeling like i'm living in filth cause of the person who is living with us. Then i can go off on her when she says she helps out around here. but any who i'm not much going on here so i'm going to go and check my emails and what not.

Friday nite, Early Saturday

Well i got about 9 hours total today. Sis left for prom and its just been quiet not much going on here same thing different day. Not a whole lot on my mind really but i thought i would pop in and say hi.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The weekend approaches

Well i had my dr appointment and he upped my dosage of one med and i have stuff for my asthma but said he didn't want to give me anything else that could mess with my brain. I came home and took a nap and then got up watched a movie and then took a walk which almost killed me i'm in alot of pain. I took some Tylenol and my meds so we'll see if i pass out. Not really eventful today my sis goes to KC for a week since this weekend is prom for her bf so it will be boring and lonely but eh oh well i guess. going to work on my surveys and try and farm i haven't farmed in long while.