Sunday, April 10, 2011

4 Days MIA

Not much has been going on really just the usual. Been feeling eh ok i just have no energy no motivation. I just had to kill a wasp the first one of the season to get in my room i think its time for air conditioning and shut the house up. Its been almost 90 degrees today sitting here with the fan on high and on me full blast and still feeling hot. I have surveys to do and i haven't really taken care of my farm for awhile. I'm not getting unemployment anymore but i still have to report each week i just think its absolutely stupid to do. last night i was feeling worthless like i have no purpose to wake up in the morning no purpose to live as well but yet i wasn't really thinking suicide either just thinking why should i live i have no job i have no purpose. I have counseling on wednesday i need to tell him about it. I finally own camp which is a really good movie. I won't have my phone in 7 days. I can't afford it and i don't want it to be a burden to dad and mom. I don't really use my phone anyways. I don't really talk to anyone and i'm realizing its cause i really don't have anything to say. Well i'm going to go do what i need to do.

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