Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hump day

Well things are going pretty good i've only had about an hour of sleep and it wasn't very pleasant. I kept having spasms which were painful and intense. I had coffee with my grandma at 4 this morning and i'm getting everything set up to start school. I have a dr appointment tomorrow. I'm not seeing my counselor anymore  cause he is moving his office out of town and mom says i really need to see a counselor but at the same time we don't really have the money for me to see one. I think our boarder is getting sick of us we keep getting on to her about stuff. She got in to my refrigerator and not only put her candy in it but took a mousse temptation that i had in there. Her whole attitude is that she doesn't care and that its no big deal but it is. Then i got on to her about cleaning the bathroom she's been using her cloths and our good towels to wipe her ass and its just down right disgusting. I told her that if i clean it that anything and everything on the floor will be thrown away. She cleaned it but next time I'll do it and she won't like it. Not a whole lot going on right now I got through all but two of my surveys and worked someone on all of my farms but i still have more surveys to do and going to finish up farming. 

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