Tuesday, April 26, 2011


WOW so i've been MIA for well now a week and a day. What have I been up to? Well lets see I started school on the 20th and been studying and still trying to figure out my classes, been doing surveys, and checking the facebook world of news. I'm really enjoying my classes I'm studying to become a paralegal. There is A LOT of information in this  one class then the other class i'm taking is pretty much on how to be a good student and a successful student at that. Surveys are coming along pretty well i'm still trying to juggle it and school but i've gotten some of my sisters books i have three i think but soon to have four. Other than that not much going on. Oh i'm not seeing my counselor he went out of town where he lives so i'm unable to see him and at times i wish i could see someone or had a friend that i could talk to about everything that is bugging me or whats happening in my life. I'm still trying to get the boarder to leave but haven't been successful of it yet. She's really pissing me off. The bathroom is a mess, she's taken Ramen noodles and not using the sauce packet which i see is a complete waste why doesn't she just take and boil macaroni instead we have plenty of it. But NNNNOOOOO she's to stupid to figure that out or even fucking ask. I'm pretty much not talking to her I fucking ignore her and when she's around her sister and another friend here at our house i say mean stuff they may think is a joke but deep down i mean every fucking word of it. I'm glad i have my room cause i spend most of my time in my room. In my room i don't have to worry about stuff. I do wish my room was bigger though that way i could fit a dresser and i wouldn't feel so cramped in here but yet my room is cozy. Well thats pretty much whats on my mind. Hopefully i can blog everyday.

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