Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well Monday i had a good day i didn't get any sleep sunday night or monday morning and i had breakfast with my grandma. Then i went to como with some friends and spent the whole day there most of the day from noon until 7 and i crashed on the way home and fell asleep as soon as i laid down in bed and got up around 2 and had to pee then went back to bed got up around 10 and had to pee again then went back to bed and finally decided to get up around 2 and then i watch a movie and seen that my sister came home early. I'm pretty happy about that :) i'm kinda pissed off right now cause i'm wanting to get an external hard drive for my computer one to hopefully speed it up and two i have alot of music that i listen to and want and my mom pretty much told me that i can't spend my money on what i want its like she has control over what i can and can't do. She said i need it to save it in order to pay for the things i need and so i'm pretty pissed off. Well my sister is here so i'm going to chat with her and do my surveys.

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