Thursday, May 5, 2011


Ok so I've been MIA for almost a week and I notice that its kind of a pattern for me. I should take some time for reflection. I have a schedule of what I need to do each day. I'm trying to manage my time better and that way I feel a little bit more in control of my life. I'm doing pretty good in school I've got an A- for my first week so not bad not bad at all. This weekend is Mother's Day and I think I'm going to give mom her gift instead of waiting until her birthday or even Christmas. I've also been having a headache for the past 4 days and mom thinks that its my blood pressure which it could be cause its really high. I'm currently taking a mental break from school I got one class pretty much done I still need to post on the discussion board and a seminar to do in it then I'm finish for the week. I then have an essay do and its just getting it done is the problem. Well I think i'm going to go finish what surveys I've started and then start on school again.

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