Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday Night, Tuesday Morning

Well it is a little after 1am here in Mo. I had a busy day Monday... I finished my essay, cleaned a trash can that had puke in it that sat on our porch for almost a month or so, did dishes, cleaned the kitchen and swept the kitchen and back porch, did my laundry and cleaned my room, and for the most part done with school this week. I have blood that i need taken today ( Tuesday) my mood is pretty good according to pandora radio. A lot of show tunes and country playing. Its been really muggy yesterday and its pretty humid tonight I don't think i can sleep comfortably in this weather so also to ensure that i'm up to get my blood drawn i'm just staying up i have surveys to do and a farm to take care of. Not a whole lot going on now I thought I would post here before I got to involved with my surveys.

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