Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The weekend is almost here

That's right the weekend is almost here one more day and then the 4th of July weekend begins. I wish I could say that I don't have big plans and I guess I don't but my family is hosting a 4th of July dinner here at our house. Its causing some anxiety as to there will be a lot of people in the house and one of the families coming I have a dislike for after what happened between our families. Counseling went pretty well I went in feeling a 5 and left feeling a 7. I came home went to bed or well took a nap and got up around 8 now I'm just checking out the news and emails and then off to watch some Buffy.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MIA Again...

Well so far school is doing well I've gotten A's and B's in my classes now I've got a week off then i get go back for another ten weeks. Nothing new has been going on I've got my first hopefully regular customer. I've been sleeping a lot and kind of feeling down now I feel a little bit energized but not much. I really don't know what else to say I'm currently watch Glee with my sister and just chillin.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday the end of another weekend

So today is Pride fest and once again I'm not able to go. My ex said he would take me and we would be going to springfield but then he not only calls to see if I'm still wanting to go but then doesn't come and pick me up which I figured it would happen cause we are talking about me ex here but it hurts that he doens't call to let me know plans have changed or what not. But my night got better I was talking with a friend who I like a lot and life seems better now. I woke up in a weird upset kind of mood but having coffee and talking to that special someone makes my gray skies go blue. Along with listening to music to. Other than that not much going on my paper is written all I have to do is type it up and post it for school.Going to go look a the news and possibly work on putting my cloths away and making my bed.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wonderful Friday Night...

              I've had a good Friday I had my dr, appointment and everything is headed in the right direction there. I got some sleep after the appointment and went to Railroad days that is held here in town trying to sell Avon but I got slight anxiety in the big crowds. So we came back home and my ex came by to see if I wanted to go to the lake since the night before we got lightning out due to storms. We stayed in the water for about 10 to 15 mins before there was to much lightning. Its amazing what water can do to your spirits and body. I'm full of energy and got my room for the most part cleaned so I don't have much to do tomorrow to clean. My plans for this weekend is to go to gay pride in Springfield but I'm not really going to hold my breath on it since the past experience with my ex. I know they said they were going to Springfield but it doesn't mean I'll be going as well cause he may either forget or change is mind about taking me.

           My parents aren't to happy with me because I've said that I wasn't going to hang out with my ex but he's showing that he is making an effort to be around me and not the other way around. I've come to the conclusion that if he wants something from me I'll tell him no can't do but as long as he's making the effort to want to see me and not use me I'm fine. I've met a couple of guys who want me but there is one in particular that I really like and he makes me feel good and all bubbly. Its sad that he lives to far from me hopefully that we can build our friendship and then hopefully make it more. I've got a paper to write before Tuesday and I haven't really started on it. I finally figured out today what my career goals are and now I just have to write it out. So tonight I'm going to be doing my research and working on writing the paper and doing some school work before I leave and take my laptop with me to do more work on it. It feels like for once in a long time life is looking up and now I'm going to go and work on surveys, emails, and the usual.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hump day

Well lets see today is hump day but for me its the beginning of a school week. I have a lot to do in school I have a paper due Tuesday along with my discussion boards and a quiz in one class. I haven't been to bed yet I've been up since 3pm yesterday so I'm over 12 hours of being up I'm glad I have coffee and now I have a Route 44 from Sonic to give me a pep of energy. I have counseling, a seminar in an hour, surveys to do and a meeting to go to tonight. I feel like today is a busy day and I won't have time to do what I need but I'm just making it bigger than what it is. Well I should go work on my things to do and Hopefully post tonight.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Short post today

Well not much going on I've slept since 5am to about 6pm tonight and now i'm up. I did get up around noon but was so tired I fell asleep in the chair. I'm finally online got surveys, emails, and stuff to do but I thought I'd post here first.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

First weekend in June

Well today is Saturday the first weekend in June not much going on this weekend. I've got a lot accomplished to day and been up since almost 2pm today. I got my room cleaned as far as bedding got washed, laundry got done, bedroom floor got swept and swiffer swept, and I fixed supper tonight as well. I feel pretty good its been pretty hot for the last couple of days I think today was hotter than yesterday I took a shower and I've been having trouble keeping cool. I hate to sweat and especially after taking a shower. This month will be a busy month for me from doctors appointment to wanting to hang out with friends and now that I'm an Avon rep I have a meeting this next week on top of school. I just wish I could be the energizer bunny and just keep going and going and going...... But oh well life goes on speaking about going on I'm going to go check my emails, check the news, and what not and hopefully I can blog daily I know I keep saying that and it doesn't happen but maybe one day it will happen.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well today is Thursday not much going on in the last two or three days since I last posted. I had counseling yesterday and I got recruited to sell Avon. I felt better after counseling I was still feeling bleh, I don't know and I don't care mood but today is much better. I think its because I have a purpose now I have something to do and a reason to get up. I know that I have a reason because of school but I think selling Avon would be good for me. I'm planning on visiting a friend today and sell Avon or at least attempt. I've been thinking positively and pushing the doubts away.