Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday the end of another weekend

So today is Pride fest and once again I'm not able to go. My ex said he would take me and we would be going to springfield but then he not only calls to see if I'm still wanting to go but then doesn't come and pick me up which I figured it would happen cause we are talking about me ex here but it hurts that he doens't call to let me know plans have changed or what not. But my night got better I was talking with a friend who I like a lot and life seems better now. I woke up in a weird upset kind of mood but having coffee and talking to that special someone makes my gray skies go blue. Along with listening to music to. Other than that not much going on my paper is written all I have to do is type it up and post it for school.Going to go look a the news and possibly work on putting my cloths away and making my bed.

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