Wednesday, August 3, 2011


      MIA once again and this time its been over a month I can't believe it. School is going pretty good this second term is harder than the first but so far I've got good grades and that is all that matters to me sure I'd like to be an A student but my life doesn't depend on it to live. Sure its a good way to make sure that I've got bragging rights but I won't die if I don't have A's. This term I'm in right now I'm taking civil litigation and college comp one and I've got papers due every week. This last week I started on writing a paper for my subject cyber crime and it will be pretty interesting it means a lot of research to be done but I think it will be worth it.

      I'm still seeing a counselor and so far its going pretty good I don't have another appointment until August 27th. I should then be his first official client :) I'm not really sure how to feel about that I think I should feel honored. But yet I also feel like I'll be his guinea pig and I'm not sure I spelled that right but eh oh well. I'm kind of glad that my counselor is gay cause then he can relate more to me. I still miss the other guy he was really cool but things happen for a reason and we just have to accept them and move on.  The doctor put me on a new medication for the bi polar I'm up more and sleeping way less and I'm not hungry like I used to be I've actually don't feel hungry most of the time. I would think with all this free time I would blog more but that hasn't happened.

      Well ok since you now know how school is going and how things are going health wise that is important on to talk more about the fun stuff. I haven't done much farming on facebook or playing much of the games on there but I have been drowning myself in music and watching movies I've been mostly singing on facebook most of the time. My sister says I'm a spammer but I haven't got any complaints. Today or well yesterday should I say I had breakfast with my grandma after helping her at her house with vacuuming and dusting. I got my phone back on today and my ex well to be straight forward he can go to hell yes I still love him but I can't set myself up to be hurt again. I normally set myself up to be hurt again every time I talk to him or try to trust him. I was supposed to have a phone with him but coming to find out it was with his ex and they broke up recently cause his ex supposivly bashed him in the head with a laptop and I say good for him he needed it along time ago but the way I see it is Karma is getting him back for the way he treated me. I  then spent the rest of the day with my friend and I got to suck him off after he got off of work and then tomorrow or today i'm supposed to meet a new guy and have some more fun I'm hoping that another friend of mine will be free this weekend and we can go to his place but if not oh well. Well I'm headed off to have a smoke and fix some tea and enjoy my night.

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