Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Friday nite, Early Saturday

Well school started up again on Wednesday and really stressed out and dreading the homework. Facebook is making more changes which is really pissing me off and adding extra anxiety cause I know i don't do well with change at all. DADT for those of you who don't know Don't Ask Don't Tell which is a rule in the military that restricts the LGBT community to stay closeted while in the service and if they find out you can lose your job. It died on September 20th, 20ll and its been all over the facebook news and everywhere it can be. This nation is going in the right track but I also find that with the economy in the shape that it is in we are still hurting and its only going to get worse. As far as the journey to quit smoking is going today I had a major slip I smoked more than 3 cigs smoked close to my usual 6. I still need to see my doctor to fully quit but at least I can control at times how many cigs I smoke the max that I smoke a day is 3. I met a guy on a site and have been talking to him for the last several days and will be talking to him on skype hopefully tonight. Not really much going on here except the above I'm really dreading school because math for one is my major problem but later today I'll be working more on my school. Its getting tougher but I know I can do it even if i have to repeat the phrase over and over again I can and will do it and I will get a good grade.

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