Friday, September 16, 2011

The beginning of another weekend

Well my day is still Thursday but its 1am and is now early Friday morning. My overall day ok. Today is quit day and I smoked my last three cigarettes today by 4pm. I don't have any patches and the gum doesn't do shit for me. I slept on the couch last night and didn't get to do what I wanted to last night cause I had to give blood for lab tests. I then came home for about an hour and then me and my dad went to lunch thanks to my grandma she gave me gift certificates to the restaurant that I've never been to and it was ok. It was really expensive and just our sandwiches and drinks the total was under 16 so we got two cookies and left the rest as a tip. I then came home and watched two movies with my mom and her friend. I popped up popcorn and somehow I managed to only burn mine. But I still ate it cause it wasn't totally burnt to the point it was on fire or had to be thrown out but it did have the taste of burnt popcorn. But oh well it was still good regardless. I totally lost my train of thought right now cause i'm listening to youtube vids from areyousurprised who is recording vlogs on his coming out process and I want to cry for him cause I know how it felt trying to come out when I was younger. Yea my family and I had problems in the beginning but I think we are finally over them after three years or so of what seemed like a fight. Even though I may be gay and they know that I am they are still in denial and probably always will until I get a man to call my own. Its sad to think how religion has society thinking that being gay is bad or a sin. I can't wait until the world changes its views. I'm headed off to work on the rest of my to do list and hopefully will blog tomorrow my mind is scattered and can't think.

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