Friday, September 9, 2011

The beginning of the weekend

Well today is Friday which means the beginning of another weekend and half way through week one of not having school. Not much has gone on in the past two days. I cleaned today I got the bathroom cleaned did my laundry started the dishes took a shower and swept the upstairs. I also got my hooks down from my old room but haven't gotten them up in my new room. I took a nap today and been up around 6 or 7 and i'm doing pretty good with the smoking today i've only had 4 i think by now i would have had like 6 or so. I will probably sleep on the couch tonight since I don't feel like making my bed. I've been catching up on Chris Porter's blog and God DAMN he is so hot I think I've jizzed my pants reading his blog and seeing the vids and pics. Its kind of depressing that I don't have his body but I'm hoping I will someday. I guess I'll go and finish reading and take care of my list of computer things to do and hopefully post tomorrow.

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