Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hump Day

Well today is Wednesday which means two thing; the beginning of a new school week and hump day which means its close to the weekend. Today I have something to really celebrate this last week was finals in school and I turned in my paper last night and got the grade early this morning and I'm extremely pleased with myself. My over all grade for College Comp 1 is 95.30% and my paper on cyber-crime was 97%  I'm still waiting on my Civil lit grades. However the professor has limited access to the internet so it may be a week or so before I get my final grade. I know I've been MIA for a long while but with papers left and right its been kind of hard to do anything fun. Its been pretty much the same old same old. With this still being the beginning of a new month its been kind of tough. I've been having a lot of flash backs this month back in 2009 wasn't a very good month for me but I know I really shouldn't dwell on the past but its kind of hard to do. Of course drinking doesn't help the feeling of depression of course I didn't take my meds for two days in a row cause i knew this last weekend I was probably going to be drinking and I did. I went to the lake with a friend with his cousin and his cousins gf and her family and got pretty drunk late Saturday night. I don't really remember much of it but I think I might have made some advances on my friend who is straight but I really don't know and he never said anything the next day so I guess we are cool. I did have a major hangover the next day and was slightly drunk when I got up but I slept it off and on. Lets see i've been talking with this guy near Monroe City and even though he has a guy we may still be meeting sometime and going to have fun. Its really good to talk to him I like him alot. I've also got another hit off of craigs list about 3 days ago and I deleted the message but had a feeling I should email the guy and I'm glad I did I met him today and got to suck his cock. He says he's straight and really nervous but I could completely understand him cause when I had my first time I was extremely nervous and hesitant. I hope I did better than the one guy that sucked him off. But GOD DAMN he had a nice thick cock it was hard to even fit it in my mouth but his cum was really tasty. Since I have two weeks off of school I really don't know what I'll be doing I know I could use this time to upload some pics and update my profiles and get caught up on my surveys. I'm like really behind on my surveys big time its not cool. I bought myself a new toy its an anal pump I haven't tried it out yet but I'm looking forward to it. The best thing about doing surveys is I can use those points to buy stuff from Amazon. I still need to get my sister one last book but it won't come out until next month. I'm not really sure what to get my parents yet. Its pretty tough shopping for them. Whats also kind of sad is that there is this guy that I really like who lives in hannibal that he asked me out and yet the only time he talks to me is when he wants phone sex or for me to get on cam. I txted him yesterday and no response he even deleted me off of facebook as a friend so I don't know what is going on but I do know one thing I'm moving on he can use me for phone sex but it will only happen when i'm ready for it. In the mean time I'll look else where for a guy. I've also got a letter in the mail about my disability I have a hearing but I don't know when yet. I've also got an ingrown toe nail that hurts like hell. Then today about two hours ago or so my dick started to hurt when I piss I think its cause I was pushing to hard when I was shitting I'm afraid it might be a UTI or some disease but I should be clean cause I haven't done anything with a guy in awhile but I guess the next time I see the dr I need to have tests done unless I can go to CoMO and go to Rain. Oooo also I've started this class to quit smoking i'm doing it mainly cause mum and dad wants me to quit but I figured hey why not give it another stinking shot the worst that can happen is I'll still smoke right? Well any who this next week I can't smoke but I get patches and hopefully I can quit I know it would be nice cause then my health sure yea it might improve but at the same time the way I see it is we are all going to die sometime why not enjoy the pleasures while living life. Well I think that is everything that has been going on lately I'm hoping that since I have this time off I can post more but who know what will happen.

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