Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Late Tuesday Night

Well its officially Wednesday but yet its still Tuesday night. Not much really going on that is really worth mentioning. The same ole same ole, I didn't get to bed until almost 6am this morning and woke up close to 1pm and tried to get my blood drawn but found out that I couldn't. The reason why I couldn't cause they didn't tell me that for the type of tests that are being done are done in the doctors office and not at the lab. So I have to go back on Thursday between 7:30am and 11am to get my blood drawn so fasting last night was for nothing. I went shopping this morning online at Amazon and got a dildo that is bigger than the one that I have and also got a pair of sleep pants and a shirt. I'm pretty sure they will fit cause I got a bigger size shirt than what I normally wear just to make sure it fits as far as the pants I'm sure they will fit I wear 2XL and they should have draw strings. I checked about my sisters book that is the last in her series that she wants and its will cost about 13 dollars for it and will be released in Oct. I'm waiting on about 35 dollars for Amazon to come in and should get it by next month if not sometime next month. I'm pretty happy with doing surveys it helps me buy cloths and gifts. I was told I didn't have to get gifts for mom and dad cause they bought gifts I just have to put my name on it. I feel kind of bad about not giving them something but when it comes to money problems Christmas really shouldn't be about gifts. I may believe in the Pagan ways but I treasure the time with family during the Christian holidays. Those holidays shouldn't be about gifts even though they are nice but I strongly believe that its about being with family and being thankful for what you have and where you have came from through life. On another note I've noticed that I get views to my blog but one thing I wish they would incorporate is with blogger is that you can see who views your blog if they have an account. I know with Multiply account I had that is what they did but I didn't really like it much. By the way I should probably try and log in to that account and see what pictures I have on there that I don't have any more. If I do have viewers if you could be so kindly to say hi and give a brief bio about yourself and let me know that I actually do have some people reading my thoughts and life it would be greatly appreciated. I do have my comments to where they are reviewed before they are posted so if its personal that you want to tell me or don't want others to see but want to let me know you read that is fine to I won't post them after reading them. Well I'm surprised that I got this much posted I figured it would be short but its not. I'm going to do what I do and be back to blog hopefully tomorrow if not it may be late tomorrow night or tonight my days are so messed up with my sleeping patterns.

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