Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Night

Well today is Monday night the day after the anniversary of 9/11. Yesterday was pretty emotional reading and watching all the tributes. Nothing really new going on here I got my final grade for my second class and have a 91% so far my GPA is a 3.70 so I'm doing really well in class. i'm currently talking to a new guy I'm still trying to decide for me what the bounderias are for friends and acquaintances. I talked to my sister on the subject and it all depends on the connection you have with the person. I have a lot of internet friends but have my sister who I concider to be my friend and a friend that she has that I get along with and can talk to. I really don't know what else to talk about things are going pretty good here so I'm going to go and check out my profiles and just chill. I have to give blood in the morning so I have to fast so I can't drink anything or eat anything until afterwards.

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