Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Night

Well today was pretty uneventful but yet really busy for me. I almost woke up late for counseling he called asking if I was still coming and I thought I missed it but the other client couldn't show so I could get in early. He isn't really on pay roll and hired so it was just two friends talking so therapy going on which I think as long as I'm talking to someone about what is going on in my life outside of my family and friends and getting feed back its counseling. I talked to him about the guy who is HIV+ and how badly I want to get with him and yet I don't and was advised that its a really bad idea. I know it is but I think what is appealing is the risk I'm taking with my life. I then came home and ate lunch or breakfast whatever you want to call it and then cleaned my room. I moved stuff from my old room as much as I could and moved it in to my room and then organized my room so now starting tonight i'll probably be in my room more so than downstairs now. I then took a walk with my sister and got some soda and just been relaxing since. I finally got online a few minutes ago and going to catch up on what i've missed and get some computer work done. My mom and sis bitched me out cause I'm up all night and sleeping until noon to 2 o clock in the afternoon and talking with my therapist it is normal and some people are made that way. I was also told I'm a typical male cause I have more porn pics than any other pics but i'm sure that if I added up my pics from facebook and whats on my computer I have 50/50. Well I'm glad I got to write another post tonight and two days in a row. It feels good to blog again.

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