Friday, February 17, 2012

Better Late Than Never...

 Well the saying goes "Its better late than never." often times the saying is true. I today I checked my messages on another social networking site that I joined for the LGBT community. I hardly get on it for the simple fact its not as good as fuckbookasstwat. Yea fuckbook has its issues but all my friends are there and what friends I make on this other profile are younger than I am and are in relationships and I really don't have much in common with them. Anywho I get updates when I get messages or friend requests and this message I received was for a group. The message was for VD which was 3 days ago but the message inspired me to write today. This young person wrote "i wish you all an intense massive amount of LOVE ..

people often forget that its not about celebrating the LOVE of YOU and a special someone ..

BUT ...

about celebrating that YOU have been blessed by having anyone on earth LOVE you ..

people often get lost in the fact that it's a cheesy lover's holiday ..

LOVE is what happens to YOU when one celebrates that YOU are alive ..

i hope YOU all have someone in your lives ... whether that be someone that is a friend, relative, partner ... that conveys how truly IMPORTANT you all are ..

and for that ... YOU are beauty-FULL". This spoke great amount of volume to me and to think that someone at such a young age can show you the true meaning of the holidays. The media, society, Hallmark, corporate business, and the like turn the holidays in to something that we dread because they portray it as something as it shouldn't be. They destroy the true meaning of holidays in every way they can so they can make money. I find that it should be a crime to do such a thing. There is also a controversy for those who haven't heard that Whitney Houston passed away before the Grammy's which I will touch on later. Valentines Day for many who are single is a very depressing day because they feel that like my young friend pointed out that its portrayed as a "lovers" day. When in fact it should be a day to truly reflect and count how many people that truly LOVE us. I could count a lot of people from my friends list on fuckbook who show me everyday that I am loved. My family whether they be blood related or the family that has been developed in the small group that our queen has created, the friends that I have made in the other groups that I have joined. Regardless of who they are they show me that I AM LOVED! They are there for support, advice, and just to put a smile on my face. Love isn't about who is in your life but its who shows you that they are happy to see you alive and are there for you to show you that you matter. That is the true meaning of Valentines Day! :)


I think that is also a problem of why there are so many kids and people who decide to end their life early because no one is there to show them the support and that they matter. I'm not just talking about the LGBT community suicide happens to most of the kids who are bullied and its not just cause they are gay either. Again the media most of the time will focus on a minority to make it bigger than what it is. Which brings me to Whitney Houston the full story about her death isn't completely out of what caused her death but she was found in a hotel room half in the bathtub and half out. Most celebs have an addiction to drugs and alcohol the media slanders them and brings them down because of it. There are many who are upset that she has passed away and there are some that say she did it to herself and deserved it for her addiction. I have seen many people on fuckbook who are upset because they are televising her funeral but the men and women who fight for our country are left out and no one truly mourns their death and the media leaves them out. I watched "The Talk" yesterday and they were talking about Whitney's death and the media says that she drowned in her tub cause she was found in the tub. Well the guy I can't remember where he is from I think it was "Entertainment" show or something like that she was found half inside and half out. They also talked about her addiction and her death whether the cause is because of her addiction or not is no different than any other celeb out there. The mentioned several celebs and some other people that would be more controversial than Whitney's death. All celebs have made some great contributions to our nation and before Whitney died she had some great plans and was excited about a project she was going to be doing so why would she end her life? I agree that if we are going to make such a big deal out of a celebs death then our men and women who freely give their lives to protect us and fight for our freedom need to have the same respect shown and make a big deal out of their death as we do for our troops. People are also having a fit that the state of NJ is wanting to fly the flags at half mast and I don't see a problem with it that it is the governors decision but again if its done for celebs then it should be done for our troops too. Everyone has their opinions and everyone has a right to their own feelings. I personally can see both sides and have to agree with them. I will remember her for the music she left and not how she lead her personal life. I wasn't expecting this to be a long post but looks like I really did get inspired :)
Forever will her music live on!

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