Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blah Hump Day

Well I am finally getting to blog again today. I found two pics that has inspired today's blog. I have posted them on the random pics page. First pic is about Facebook I have had my browser open since I have been up. I skipped my daily ritual of getting on my wall and seeing what I missed since I went to bed, checking my horoscope and my fortune cookie just so I could finish up my final project for College Comp 2. Now that I am free to check my facebook my news feeds aren't showing up properly, items are missing, and all in all Facebook is now and until I feel they have improved is FUCKBOOKASSTWAT. Now that I have gotten that out of my system on to lighter things. Today is HUMP DAY!!!!! at least what is left of it. Today starts week 10 of my classes which means I don't really have school so I get two weeks off for a break before having to start again. So the next pic that inspired this post that was shared from a wonderful friend of mine. I get to sit back for two weeks not have a care in the world and if I had the beer I would be having beer. However, I do have access to some liquor Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea, vodka (nothing to mix it with except tea), and some strawberry wine. OOOOO speaking about strawberry wine  I think I might check out YouTube or see if I have the song in my archives "Strawberry Wine". So that is pretty much going on in my world I have bunch of emails and organizations I need to go through and I have a dr. appointment tomorrow which means I won't be up too late. But before I leave I will find another pic that fits my mood. 
Since I have my doctors appointment tomorrow I think this fits well  :) 

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