Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Fight

TRANSITION is between two places
the place where we are and the place
where we are going. It can be a process
that can often be painful, difficult and
confusing and often slower than we would
like it. It happens to all of us and once we
have gone through it we are on to the next
part of our journey..
IT offers us great opportunities for significant
BE sure to see the BEAUTY within the change...

We all have stress, anxiety, depression, and what not but some have fought too long and hard and its not that they give up the fight. They are no longer able to fight like they used to. I am one of those who can no longer fight like I used to and can take all the help I can get. I had counseling today and have no complaints about life. Things could be better but taking one day at a time is all I can do and stay on my meds and being able to talk to someone every week helps and to find new ways to deal with what I am going through. My letter to my ex was well written and can't wait for him to be free so I can give it to him. Yes exes are exes for a reason but some things aren't best left alone. We all fight for what we love and soon the ball will be in his court and he can decide whether things should be left alone and move on or we fix things and have a future together.

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