Wednesday, February 6, 2013


So here is my childhood of what i remember. At a very young age i was taught how to cook not alot of things but cook like grilled cheese and how to fold cloths. You also have to remember i was homeschooled my entire childhood as well. I was woken up at 6 most mornings i grew accustomed to it and became an early riser. But i later on fought it. My mom was there to teach me school up until about 2nd or 3rd grade from then on i had the book and was pretty much teaching myself most times when asking for help i got yelled. Along with school me and my sister had chores i would do mine but she wouldnt. When she wouldnt i was made to do them so i grew accustomed to doing her share and mine. When i finally got tired of it or slacked i got yelled at and spanked. When i got spanked from my mom she would then tell my dad who would then beat me again. No matter what i did this was the routine.
I was always the one cooking lunch dinner and most breakfasts. When my mom decided to babysit i was added to taking care of them. While most times she either watched tv or was online. This was the case everday. So i had school kids and cooking and cleaning to take care of. When i didnt do something i got in trouble.  talking with my doc and explaining this to him said that a stressful childhood like that could contribute to ptsd.

After that i also remembered my first break up that really changed me. My lover and i dated for a week and then he left me for my best friend at the time. I was really heart broken and depressed i cried for days and stayed locked in my room. I was also dealing with depression when i was 13 as well amd went to food for comfort.

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