Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reflection Time

So I have gotten you all caught up on my life and given you my childhood. A minor thing about my childhood is that i was raised pentacostal christian. When i saw the psych today she said it kind of explains alot about my life now of how im wiccan/pagan, i drink, smoke, and occasionally weed.

Anywho i have been sitting here reflecting on the past week or so and thinking of the up coming weeks. My mood has been depressing ive been anxious and im always ready to snap on anyone and everyone. Im trying to quit the smoking and did really well up until today i smoked over half a pack.

Spent most of my day waiting at the psych office. They tell me to arrive early even though i did the paper work days ago. I waited 30mins to see the doc but onlybto have my vitals done. Then waited another 10mins or so to see the doc. She went over my history and then decides that i should be seen by there other faucility and then sets me up to see if im eligible for medicaid. The reason for the last was the other faucility cant see me till i have medicaid. Coming to find out i can have medicaid with medicare and all my medical expenses should be paid for. Which is awesome but im going to stick with 692 income which leaves me limited on expenses. But i can find a part time job which i have been.

I have been spending the last couple of days reevaluating not only my expenses but what im going to do. Ive been feeling strange living with my friends. Evans been giving me anxiety attacks and seems distant. Two days ago was the first time we talked for a long time and actually had a conversation and yesterday. Ive been keeping some things personal like my finances what im doing and what i plan to do. My grandma gave me advice just because someone is family or friend they dont have to know everything you do. Ive also been ticked cause a couple nights this week they have gone out and brought fastfood and never got me anything but if i was to do it it would be rude of me. Also they have smoked my two cartons of cigs and slowly sharing so another reason why i am quiting.

So much on my mind and ao glad i am able to blog it really helps.

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