Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Supportive Friends...

It doesn't matter what community you belong to whether you are looking for friends within the LGBTQQ community or within your church or whichever community you chose to seek friendships in but true friends are not only hard to find but to recognize. David Artavia could not have said it better in his article last month when he pointed out that 

we need support, encouragement, someone to climb mountains with, hold our hands, fight enemies with. Society has taught us to be more selfish than previous generations, but that doesn’t mean good friendships are becoming extinct – just harder to recognize.
Looking for friends seems to be much harder not only for those within the LGBTQQ community but for introverts and for those of us suffering from social anxiety. How we define the term friendship I believe is important. Friendship for me isn't about having just a best friend and having someone to support me, encourage me, climb the mountains with, hold hands with through the thick and thin, but to be able to share common interests with when I feel the need to talk about them. I feel the points made in this article are kind of spot on.

How to Find Supportive Friends in the Gay Community - GayGuys.com

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