Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Smart Shopper Not Naive

In this era shopping online has become a popular thing and with it comes bargain shopping. A lot of times when shopping online, you find items much cheaper than if they were in store. This hurts small towns and small business as it takes business away so it is understandable that some would do anything to try and keep their customers. However, when a customer says they are buying their product needs elsewhere and have found it cheaper elsewhere do not argue with them, if anything either reply "Ok, thank you for letting us serve you hope to see you for future needs" or "I know you may have found it elsewhere for less. May I ask for how much?" If you disclose the amount then they next thing that should be said is "I would be happy to price match that for you.". If businesses really want to keep customers they would not argue with their customers and give remarks like "Next time you are price matching come to us first". 

What started this rant and post is this month and then today issues with the vet occurred. I placed an order for pet medicine for our two dogs. I was first worried I was going to have issues with the pharmacy and not the vet, however, I was wrong. Drs. Fosters and Smith were excellent with the whole process of things and even canceling the order. However, the vet ended up sending only one of the scripts for our dogs and not both then when the pharmacy called them they resent the one for Pandora but failed to send Onyx's. 

Then yesterday I went in to get their meds for the month since they failed to ensure the order could be placed so it would arrive on time. They did not have a vet available to write any scripts and would have to get back to me. Then when they called today my blood pressure went through the roof as they wanted to argue and act as if I was naive and stupid when it came to shopping. Telling me how it would be cheaper for one dog for a year supply if buy through them and I get a rebate. I tried to explain that no it is not as for both dogs it is cheaper. 

Let me break it down for you both dogs have two different weights so the prices differ just a bit.

One month through the vet is $42.00 (BTW the medicine went through a price increase since 2014)

6 months through the vet $42*6 = $252 give or take 10 dollars without rebate. When the vet does give us the rebate given to them to give to us it may knock it down to $215 again give or take.

The pharmacy I only saw 6 months supply, has free shipping, no tax, guarantee satisfaction and for both dogs was going to be 192 as I have it rounded. 

The vet was quoting me that for Onyx who has the little more expensive medicine due to being the heaveir in weight was going to gost over 215 or 252 alone before rebate for a year. This I had already known as Onyx medice is 21.50 so yea 12 months is 258 dollars and then Pandora is 246 before rebates I don't got that kind of money with or without rebates. 

I'm a smart shopper I'm going to go where I can get the 6 months for two dogs under 200 dollars instead of being naive and listen to the vet and buy through them.

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