Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ridiculous 6 is Ridiculous (A Movie Review)

Normally I am not one for giving movie reviews or blogging/posting in detail about any such movie. If I like a movie I normally say that this or that movie was great or (not), or I might mention that I watched(ing) such and such. However, to actually review a go into detail about a movie is rather something new for me.

Ridiculous 6 was a movie I watched a few days ago on Netflix and while it had been sitting in my queue for a week or so I really did not know what to expect. The title picture can always be deceiving as actors on the cover may not be who is actually in the movie, am I right? The magic of movie magic and all its glamour had me think that Ridiculous 6 had Adam Sandler, Luke Wilson, and a couple of other familiar faces acting in it. When I saw it I thought "that is strange it says it is a Netflix Original film but it looks like Adam Sandler and Luke Wilson is in it. That can't be right". Well after watching what may have been 2 hours of a few funnies and groaners, sure enough it had familiar faces.

The movie is definitely an Adam Sandler movie but what I did not know till the end that the movie was written and produced by Adam Sandler (of course main acting role). However, it also had Taylor Lautner who I would have never recognized if it wasn't for the voice and dreamy skin tone. Terry Crews, Blake Shelton, David Spade, and Luke Wilson are all familiar names and faces. I was in complete and udder shock that there was an actual original film with people I knew. Most of the time when Netflix or Amazon has Orginal Films they tend to have actors and actresses that we have never heard of or newly famous trying to make a name for themselves. Other names that didn't sound familiar but I knew their faces were Rob Schneider, Harvey Keitel, Whitney Cummings, Jon Lovitz, and Danny Trejo.

If you're looking for something better than a synopsis I'm sorry because that is all I can give without giving away all of it and such. I will have to say that now that I have watched it I don't have to watch it ever again and I will never have to own it. I didn't find it that good it got 3 out of 5 stars I do believe is what I gave it on Netflix. Like I said I liked it but it wasn't super good nor was it something I loved.

Now the synopsis for if you don't want to read it elsewhere I'll put it short and simple Adam Sandler was raised by Indians until Father came to tell him about some stolen loot that was stashed. While visiting Father was kidnapped so the journey begins. On the journey to save his father Adam finds out he has 5 other brothers coming from different women while his father was out being a thief. These band of brothers 6 journey to get the ransom together to save their father and confront him as the 5 have nver met their father but know his name and reputation.

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