Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Shark Tank fight over Scholly - Business Insider

Everyone needs help financially every now and then especially when it comes to education. I am so close to finishing my bachelors degree in Environmental Policy and Management but am snagged on the inability to fund since my loans are capped out. This is where this article comes into play Shark Tank fight over Scholly - Business Insider was brought to my attention by family. It was kind of like the telephone game where my cousin found the app then told my aunt, my aunt tells my mom and then I'm told to look into Scholarly.

So, today I did a search on Scholarly and didn't find anything related to an app but there was a related search term so I clicked it and then revised it to where I was brought to this article. For the price of $2.99 period you have an access of scholarships to look into and discover. While at the moment I do not have the funds, which I know you are probably thinking "oh, come on you should have at least 3 dollars so you get access". I truly do not at least for the moment however, that won't last long and when I do get the 3 dollars this is definitely something I am putting on the must get list.

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