Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Color Makes Your Heart Sing? [QUIZ] - Goodnet

What Color Makes Your Heart Sing? [QUIZ] - Goodnet

Taking these little quizzes whether they are accurate or not really does tell me or at least, reminds me about little pieces of myself

Purple is the color of intuition and imagination – the perfect match for your creative, idealistic personality. The soft hue also represents beauty – inside and out – and your love of the arts. You can strengthen your intuitive side by wearing purple during the day, or wearing purple accessories like glasses or a hat.

I am intuitive and have an active imagination that I seek out creativity and hold on to idealistic views as I believe things are not always as they seem. It isn't that things are not always as they seem but if we believe that something can truly be it truly will. How many people before the first airplanes wished and thought about flying and being in they sky? Or being able to be under the water and exploring the deep ocean? Were these not accomplished by idealistic people? My heart sings the color purple not that I am the color purple or I like the color purple but my heart and being sings it.

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