Friday, February 5, 2016

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I am all about natural products and anything to help lose the weight. Especially, more so since the last time I went to the doctors and stepped on the scale and saw it read 400lbs.  Garcinia Cambogia I have heard a lot that it helps suppress hunger and helps you lose weight. I left a review at and no better way to resay it here so I left it below.
I received this product for free or at a discounted price for an honest review. My favorite product thus far, after ordering I did contact the seller to find out whether or not everyone who orders the product receives a free ebook on Garcinia Cambogia or this was some special deal I got. I was informed that no everyone who orders their product receives a thank you gift ebook. This impressed me a lot as I don't know a lot of sellers that would do that.
Anyways, after trying this for a week I have lost 8lbs and will be continuing to use this product till I am at my desired weight. I took it as directed on the bottle two capsules 30 minutes before meals. The pamphlet/ebook helped not only explain more about Garcinia Cambogia but also helped in how to better use the product to get the full results. I didn't have to change my lifestyle to lost the 8lbs it has naturally curbed my appetite' to where I eat less and stay fuller longer. I will keep this seller in mind when needing future products.
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