Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I68 Sound Intone Headphones with Microphone - BIOS

I received this great pair of headphones from Amazon called the I68 Sound Intone Headphones, they have a built-in microphone BIOS which when I first read BIOS I thought it was like BOSE but was completely wrong. I found out BIOS stands for Basic Input output system which means they have a basic system for any device that can use a microphone and headphones. I'm really not all tech savvy but I know enough to get by. Anyways, here is a picture of me wearing the headphones during a session of being online and listening to music.
There are definite pros and cons when it comes to this pair of headphones. Pros: durable, lightweight, comfortable in the beginning, great sound quality, and are foldable for easy carry. Cons: The seller on Amazon says they are good for long time wearing and trust me I should know long time wearing as I am always having headphones on. It doesn't say the time frame of how long is a long time but I can tell you from experience that after 3 hours and not taking them off they begin to hurt. I think that is really the only con. If I could change anything about them I would add more cushion to the ear covers.

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