Thursday, February 11, 2016

I've picked up my first book for the year and it so happens to be called Sorcery Code and so far after two weeks into it, it is a really good read. It's fantasy story about a time where magic is complicated and only certain people master it which creates an inequality among the people. The desire of one man to end the inequality and his journey to find a solution is what the story is all about. At least that is what I have read so far. Though you shouldn't just take my word for it checking it out and reading it would be better than just taking someone's word. You never know till you read something whether it is a book for you or not. This is how I first felt about Sorcery Code I love fantasy stories and anything to do with magic I am likely to read it. However, if I can't get past the first chapter I try not to read any further as I find it isn't a good fit for me as a book. Sorcery Code on the other hand is a totally different story all together. I have been able to read past 5 chapters and I can't wait to reach the end.

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