Thursday, April 14, 2016 Awaiting Roadside Assistance

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So, this year I'll be taking a vacation and have been thinking about roadside assistance the only thing is my situation with a car is slightly complicated. The car I have is my Grandma's and is insured by her insurance and I have a non-vehicle insurance until the care is legally mine. Everyone knows I am not only keeping my eyes open for the cheapest thing but the new innovative technologically advanced way of doing things. 

If you have ever tried to get roadside assistance through your car insurance sometimes you have to upgrade your insurance package in order to get what you need. Why spend more on something that you don't need when you can save it and have roadside assistance only when you need it. I recently just heard of which is a mobile app roadside assistance which doesn't require a membership fee or anything like that. It shows the location where you are at and the location of the locale providers with the estimated time it would take them to get to you. 

The best thing about compared to getting roadside assistance with my car insurance or any other place that requires a continuous monthly payment is that I only pay for the service when I use it. I love when things can be on demand and be when I need it and save me the extra cash. 

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