Saturday, October 8, 2016

K6 Gaming Headphones

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I am always looking for new headphones as from time to time a pair will break but on top of that, I want something that provides good quality sound, comfortable, noise-canceling (as much as possible), and something that isn't bulky or heavy. Before I tell you my opinion I want to highlight that this the K6 Gaming headphones is a really good fit for those who need big headphones for their large heads. There is really no way to comfortably adjust the tightness of these headphones. If you want something with a glowing light from them this would be the pair for you. I will admit that I like the sound quality but the product fails at being comfortable, noise canceling (in any way), heavier than what I am accustomed to and I found them to slightly bulky. When using the headphones the sound provided was not as loud as I would have liked at the volume setting I normally use. The product has a volume control on it and while I had it all the way up I had to turn my volume on my computer up to almost max in order to hear. Though once I heard my music, movie, or whatnot I was doing on my computer the sound was crystal clear and amazing. I am not much for having lights on my headphones and find it unnecessary. I also didn't like that I had to use two jacks, one was designated for headphones and the other was for mic and just prefer having one line to plug in. The cord is sturdy and not flimsy which is the part I kind of break at times.

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